Brake Callipers


Experienced Brake Technicians

We all know that eventually we will have to replace our car’s brake pads and shoes. When that happens, bring your car in to us and one of our expert brake technicians will examine the damage and give you a realistic quotation including parts and labour.

We guarantee that this will be much less than the price you could expect to pay at a main dealership. So, whether you have a Ford, Jaguar, Audi, Mercedes, Honda, VW, Peugeot, BMW, Volvo or any other type of car, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the price.

What happens if a Brake Calliper fails?

Essentially, the function of brake callipers is to squeeze the brake pads against the brake discs, so that the car slows down or comes to a complete stop when you touch the brake pedal. Therefore, a broken or faulty calliper means that you will not be able to stop your vehicle as quickly.

Signs of a broken or faulty brake calliper include:

  • Illumination of the brake warning light which means that brake fluid is leaking
  • Pulling to one side when you apply the brakes

It is not always necessary to replace a brake calliper. Sometimes it can start to stick because the brake fluid needs topping up. Our mechanics will be able to advise.

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At Whitkirk Motors we’re always here to help, so if you live or work within 5 miles of our garage, we’ll happily collect your vehicle, Service it and deliver it back the same day