Worst Car Journeys: The Whitkirk Motors Team

The Team’s Worst Car Journeys!

Who hasn’t experienced an awful car journey?

While the majority of car journeys might be perfectly fine, sometimes everything seems to go wrong. We asked our team about their worst car journeys – here’s what they had to say!

Danny Barber

My worst and most embarrassing car journey was about eleven years ago. It was my mate’s 21st and the plan was that nine of us were going to Skegness for a Jolly Boys Party Weekend at my mate’s Static Caravan.

We were on the motorway, about 20 miles into the journey, the beer was going down well, and fun was being had by all. Suddenly, the Limousine started spluttering and slowing down, gradually making its way onto the hard shoulder. “Don’t worry, lads,” the driver said, “I’m sure it’s nothing.”

Following a tense and somewhat fraught conversation on his phone, he said, “Sorry lads, the cars buggered but there is a replacement on the way. It’ll be here shortly.”

Two hours later we were still waiting as we sat on the grass bank, drinking the last of the beers and being held in place by a Police car to stop us wandering around in our inebriated state.

Sure enough, about twenty minutes later this vision appeared in the distance through the heat haze. “Ah,” said the driver, “here it comes, lads.”

It was pink. Very, very, pink. Trimmed with fur and feathers on the bonnet. Fairy lights on the roof and the NYPD Logo on the doors. Our mouths opened in horror; the two Police officers were hysterical as they herded us into the limo – amid much tooting of horns from passing drivers.

Can you imagine what it was like when we arrived at the Caravan Park – people stared, kids chased the car to the caravan, and when we all got out, all the residents fell about laughing.

All Street Cred (which at 21 was very important) was blown and our faces matched the colour of the car. Never been so embarrassed in my life!

Dean Woodward

Driving to work in the snow a couple of years ago when I had to abandon the car in a snow drift after sliding sideways and then having to walk three miles to work in a blizzard. I thought my feet were going to drop off!

Clinton Ewen

From England to France in a boiling hot July about 15 years ago with three young children, two of which were constantly sick for the whole 16 hours! Never, ever again!

Despite cleaning the car out on arrival, it absolutely stunk all holiday. We drove back to the UK with all the windows open the whole journey – in spite of the periods of rain. It was better to get a bit wet than put up with the smell.

Of course, the kids complained all holiday and all the way back about the “smelly car” like it was my fault!

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