Engines Steam Cleaned


Maintaining your Engine

Keeping your car’s engine bay clean is just as important as keeping your car’s exterior well-maintained. A clean engine bay makes it much easier to identify any issues and spot any leaks when they arise and can also extend the life of some parts by removing dust and dirt that can damage them.

Our Engine Steam Cleaning Service is designed to clean and preserve your engines appearance. This is especially useful for lease return, engine degreasing to help find the source of an oil leak & general appearance improvement.

Prolong the life of your Engine

A clean engine is a happy engine. An engine steam clean will increase the working life of your engine. If you allow dirt to accumulate on your engine, you can reduce performance. A dirty engine has to work harder than a clean engine. Removing all the built-up residue will prolong the life of your engine.

Engine Bay Cleaning Features:

  • Delicate areas covered up including air intakes etc
  • Engine Bay Degreaser applies & agitated with soft brushes on all parts accessible
  • Bonnet Shuts cleaned by hand to remove dirt and grease
  • Engine rinsed with low pressure steam to remove residue and oil
  • Under bonnet cleaned & washed by hand if necessary
  • Dried with blown, warm air
  • Plastics dressed & protected against cracking

Our professional Engine Steam Clean helps to improve the overall running performance of your car. To find out how engine steam cleaning could help your car performance, contact our team today.

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